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(local): transportation

This is one of those times when I describe something I saw and then hope someone else can derive the meaning out of it–because I’m sure there is meaning and I just don’t know what it is.

A little over a month ago, I moved from a hipper part of the city (i.e. near the red line), where I have been residing for the past several years, to a much less hip part of  the city (i.e. not near the red line). This past weekend, I took my first trip since moving.

The red line is the cool MBTA line. Many, many people want to live on it. It goes to places you probably want to go. It’s full of fabulous people going to do exciting things like work in nice offices, eat brunch, or pass out from drinking too much earlier in the evening.

Something else the red line does is connect to the silver line–also known as the airport line.

A line map of the Massachusettus Bay Transportation Authority subway system.
This map belongs to the MBTA or something

The silver line (or airport line) is free from the airport into Boston. The silver line provides a (free) transfer to the red line.

You can also take the blue line from the airport into the rest of the city. To take the blue line, you need to pay a train fare. You can then transfer to the green or orange line, which is much less swanky than their red sibling.

Today, I paid my fare to hop on the blue, transfer to the orange, and then walk from the station home. I thought about transferring to the bus, but decided I’d rather move after being on buses, planes, and trains for so long today.

The trip from the airport to my new, more affordable apartment costs more than that to my former, ridiculously priced apartment.