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(Life): Sleater-Kinney

“When I was driving up the 5 and passed the exit for Sleater-Kinney road, I basically flipped.”

“I cannot type enough laughs to respond to that properly.”

“I’ll go to the meeting, but at 10am, I am going to buy tickets to the Sleater-Kinney show in New York. Like, I’m sorry, but it’s just going to happen.”

“Like 90% of the audience are lesbians and/or hipsters. I’m like the least attractive person here. I love it.”

“THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE IN NYC. Wait, I guess there are just so many people in NYC.”

“This is one of our two love songs, and it’s not really even a love song.”

“My one complaint about the show was that they didn’t banter at all. They said than you like three times.”

“And that comment about love songs. And Tina Belcher.”

“Dude, they have not been on tour in nine years. How would you have felt if they didn’t play your favorite song? They had to play everyone’s favorite song. Of course they didn’t have time to banter.”

“How was the show?”

“Thirteen year old me couldn’t get over it. Twenty-eight year old me couldn’t get over it.”

“Are you going to write a song about it?”

“Hellz yeah, I’m going to write a song about it.”