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In January I was at LCA, which was an amazing experience. Thanks to Chris Neugebauer, I had my first opportunity to speak to an entire conference attendance and give a lightning talk. (I recommend watching the other lightning talks, but the link goes directly to mine.)

Over the three, long minutes I somehow managed to talk about small donor fundraising, MollyGive, some cool tech nonprofits, and my newest donation project. (By “talk about,” I mean “mention in a single, run on sentence.”)

Inspired by the success of large matching donation programs and driven by the delusion that there is such a thing as a middle class philanthropist, I found some great people to join me in joining a $10k matching donation fund for the Software Freedom Conservancy’s spring fundraiser.

I don’t have the resources to put up a donation large enough for a match on my own. While I care a lot about the Conservancy (and a number of other nonprofits, charities, and causes), I can’t really justify to myself making a significant donation to a single organization–especially when there’s the potential to double a whole slew of donations through MollyGive.

In addition to wanting to see more of this (in general), I’m still hoping to find a few more people for the spring Conservancy match. We’re close to $10k, but not there quite yet. There’s no minimum, but I think $500 sounds like a nice number.

Even if you can’t join in building the matching fund, I hope you’ll join in helping to meet the match come fundraising time. πŸ™‚