Short Bio

M. de Blanc is a digital rights activist interested in the intersection of ethics, technology, and society. She rides a bike, drinks coffee, and hangs out with her cat, Bash.

Free Software/Tech Bio

M. de Blanc is a digital rights activist. She works at the GNOME Foundation as the Strategic Initiatives Manager, working on partnerships and organizational sustainability. Prior to this, she worked on community organizing and campaigns around free software and digital rights issues. She was the Community Coordinator at the Open edX Project, and  previously worked at MIT OpenCourseWare, One Laptop Per Child, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

Formerly on the Open Source Initiative Board of Directors, she served as President of the Board. She is a Debian Developer and a delegate on the Community Team, doing Code of Conduct enforcement. She was previously active on the Outreach Team, organizing participation in internship programs like Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. In her capacity as a GNOME Foundation member, she serves on the Code of Conduct Committee.

M. de Blanc co-wrote the Declaration of Digital Autonomy with Karen M. Sandler. As a writer and speaker she has addressed popular, technical, and academic audiences on topics including: language use, tone, and profanity on mailing lists; the division of labor across demographics; and social issues like disability rights, algorithmic bias and racism, dating, and Internet of Things devices and intimate partner violence, harassment, and stalking.

Academic Bio

M. de Blanc is a graduate student in Bioethics at the Global School of Public Health at New York University. She received her undergraduate training in History and Philosophy of Science and Asian Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

She is interested in the intersection of ethics, technology, and society. She is philosophically occupied with issues of informed consent, autonomy, and rights. Her more grounded interests are currently focused on algorithmic bias, surveillance, Internet of Things devices, and the relationship between technology and public health issues, including intimate partner violence, racial justice, and disability rights.

M. de Blanc worked with Professors Mathieu O’Neil and Stefano Zacchiroli on an study on labor and motivations within the Debian Project. Her paper with Dr. Kit Heintzman on consent and technology within the classroom is currently under review. She has lectured at Paris Diderot University and Sciences Po.