Free software activities (June 2019)

I know this is almost a month late, but I am sharing it nonetheless. My June was dominated by my professional and personal life, leaving little time for expansive free software activities. I’ll write a little more in my OSI report for June.

A photo of a multi-use path with trees in the background. There is a short pole in the foreground with a "Catuion Newt Crossing."

Activities (Personal)

  • The biggest thing I did was head over to the Other Cambridge (a.k.a. Cambridge Prime, a.k.a. Cambridge, UK) for a Debian sprint with the Debian Project Leader, Debian Account Managers, and Debian Anti-Harassment team.
  • We had some Anti-Harassment meetings.
  • We had some Outreach meetings.
  • I helped both teams prep for DebConf.

Activities (Professional)

  • Worked on organizing sponsorships for GUADEC. If you’re interested in attending or sponsoring GUADEC, I highly recommend it!
  • Wrote profiles of members of the GNOME community for the GNOME Engagement blog. I also wrote a newsletter for Friends of GNOME. You can see both online.
  • Attended Diversity & Inclusion team meetings, participated in the Engagement team discussions, and spoke with several GUADEC organizers.