Last week in digital rights

I’ve been really busy and 1) missed a week (or two?) and 2) fell behind on my reading.

Neato things happening in free software

* Firefox’s new browser will keep brands from stalking you – Mozilla to
take more aggressive measures for our privacy –

* New GNOME release, Almeria, announced –

Quite interesting

* Life behind the tinfoil curtain – Read about how a hacker sysadmin
plays out his use of security in a day-to-day –

Facebook, Google, and other Monoliths

* Why California’s privacy law won’t hurt Facebook or Google –
California introduced CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), which is
like a weak version of GDPR –

* The solo JS developer challenging Google and Facebook – Vue is made by
one dude and is a FLOSS JS framework that’s gaining traction. –

* Facebook blocking local news stories – Facebook is blocking local news
stories (by accident?) –

* Linux foundation continues growing – The LF just got a lot bigger. The
LF is the home of the Linux Kernel project. –

* Not in our name: Another Article 13 post – Another article 13 post,
from the perspective of European creators –

Not in our name: Why European creators must oppose the EU’s proposal to limit linking and censor the internet

Other people doing things we probably don’t agree with

* Motorola patents a robocop autonomous car – Cause that’s going to be accountable to people processed by it –

Motorola patents a robocop autonomous car that brethalyzes, mirandizes you, calls your lawyer and collects your bail

* Nintendo’s promised cloud saves won’t work for every game – Why is
this a software freedom issue? It means that games people purchase (and
their saves, even) are being controlled, with a high probability
of DRM involvement –

* Verizon lobbyist runs for NY AG – And wants to recuse herself from NY
state suing the FCC about net neutrality… –


* Required online access in order to use headphones leaves flyer without
noise canceling benefits –

* Xbox adaptive controller is now out – and is a little less accessible
than hoped for –