What i listened to this week: 2/27 – 3/5

Music from: 2/27 – 3/05

I’ve been listening to more podcasts, and am taking suggestions. My favorite ones so far are fiction that sounds like an investigative NPR report, or an episode of This American Lif

Blacktapes, Pacific Northwest Stories

Blacktapes Podcast

Bright Sessions, Lauren Shippen, Julia Morizawa, and Briggon Snow

This started a bit slow, but picked up.
Brightsessions – Podcast

Betti-Cola, Cub

Confidence, Elvis Presley

Oversleepers International, Emperor X

Not actually out yet, but there are some singles. Okay, two.
Oversleepers International

Mural, Lupe Fiasco


Long youtube adventures with Mitski.

Nevermind Shellac, Here’s David Yow, Shellac and David Yow


Youtube adventures in Slothrust.


I listened to this like a week ago, actually, but it was super good.
Limetown – Podcast

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