What I listened to this week: 12/19 – 12/23

I forgot my headphones at home most of the week, so it was a light week.

Redd Blood Cells, the White Stripes w/ Redd Kross.

To me, this one is a classic. I love it. Steven McDonald took White Blood Cells (drums & guitar) and added a bass line. It’s pretty amazing. This came out in 2002, when I was in the early days of really discovering music for myself–outside of the influence of my parents.

Chronologically, Anna E. Garman (and friends)


This is not called Chronologically. It’s some contemporary, classical composition someone who knows someone I know did. I’m into it. There’s bassoon.

Demo, Transpiler (or Xpiler)


Some of our friends started a band. This is that band.

happy forever EP, Fern Mayo

happy forever

Here’s some Fern Mayo, including happy forever. I am so into it. SO INTO IT.

Major Arcana, Speedy Ortiz

Major Arcana

Fern Mayo made me think about Speedy Ortiz. Speedy Ortiz is one flavor of perfection.

Flood, They Might Be Giants

Flood is also a classic, to me and my people at least. I played this while cooking dinner, and did a little dancing, because that’s how we roll at the PSA.

Bonus song: Sugarman, Rodriguez

Got this song stuck in my head somehow. Did not realize how much about drugs it was.

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