Here is a list of thirteen fantasy projects I’d love to do, but probably will never have the resources to make happen.

  1. Volunteer brigade of sysadmins, dev ops, and IT people interested in giving their time or working for a small fee in order to help public-sector and non-profits switch from proprietary licensed software to free software.
  2.  Community supported github like coop so we can own where our code is stored
  3. Flipping the grant process, so non-profits + projects write standardized profiles that grant giving and philanthropic orgs search
  4. A non-profit that funds fellowships to provide overhead and support for non-profits
  5. A monitoring and rating org for charity monitoring and rating orgs
  7. Intro to feminism, social justice, intersectionality, and being nice courses designed for people in tech and, really, the rest of the world. Very theory based.
  8. A free software version of google forms that is easy to use.
  9. An analysis of governance models used in specific projects from the context of decision making and heirarchical practices
  10. A regularly released copyleft music anthology of songs I like
  11. Social maps of how far away you have to get from someone being monitored by the FBI to not be monitored
  12. More writing about free software stuff–especially relating to philosophical things.
  13. Marketing and Design hackathon for technology for good/human rights/freedoms based projects

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