MollyGive 2015

MollyGive 2015

I am pleased to announce the return of MollyGive for the 2015 donate-all-your-money-to-charity season!

MollyGive will run from December 1st, 2015 – December 25, 2015.

Here are the rules:
1) You donate up to $50 to a charity*
2) You tell me that you donated up to $50 to said charity
3) I then donate a matching amount to said charity**

And we all win!

*If you would like to donate more than $50 to a single charity, tell me and let’s see if I can match it.

**as long as I don’t find them actively offensive

Some more deets

What is this?

Every year I tithe. At the end of the year (December), I take whatever is left and do matching donations.

You can donate to more than one charity

If you want to support the EFF, SCI, PP, and the Red Cross, cool! I will donate to each of them as well.

Handling organizations I expect will get multiple donations

I expect that organizations like the EFF, Wikipedia, and the FSF will get multiple donations from amongst those most likely to donate (i.e. the people most likely to read this, i.e. my friends). I’ll send those in a batch on December 25th.

Why I am doing this

When I was younger, tithing was like $1k a year, which is actually not hard to give away with all the runs/walks/bikes/musicing for charity people do. Now that I have a much fancier job, it’s a lot harder. Sure, I could just drop all the money on the Red Cross and call it a day, but:

  1. I’m not convinced it’s the most useful thing I can do
  2. I want to encourage others to give as well
  3. I don’t care about other organizations that  have needs

We all have our causes. I work in edtech supporting a community developing free software. Great, I care about education and software freedom and I get to spend every day working on both. I’m not very inclined to, on top of that, donate a bunch of money to the cause.

I also care about things like the environment. I ended up in a position in my life where I’m not working on helping out with that (if you have ideas on how I can do more, I’d love  to!), but I can give money to it.

MollyGive enables me to help causes I don’t really think about. I don’t especially care about Native American college attendance more, or as much, as I care about, say, Earth Justice. However, one of my friends thinks the American Indian College Fund is really important. It’s great that, together, she and I can help them.

In Summary

Give early, give often, send me the deets. Let’s help some people.



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