FSRG: Anarchism in Action

The Free Software Reading Group will be meeting in a few weeks (September 30th) to talk about FLOSS project governance. We’re giving the session the exciting title Anarchism in Action. Spectranaut and I are very excited about Debian after our trip to Debconf15, so we wanted to dedicate a session to Debian related topics.

The main reading for this meeting is Yochai Benkler’s Practical Anarchy: Peer Mutualism, Market Power, and the Fallible State (2013). It’s long, so we will be reading the following selections:

Abstract through “Working Anarchies” (pp. 1-5)
Free and Open Source Software through Wikipedia (pp. 8-18)
Peer Production of Public Functions (pp. 23-24)
~15 pages
Skim the rest

Debian Social Contract
~3 pages

Debian Constitution
~13 pages

Poke around Category:Wikipedia administration
No need to read anything here, but it might be a nice addition to some of the stuff Benkler talks about.

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